Need clarification from Authenticator FAQ and roadmap


I learned about the new authenticator app that Bitwarden released, but still have a few questions.

  • In the FAQ there is this sentence : « Yes, users can set up different accounts for Bitwarden Authenticator and Bitwarden Password Manager ». Yet, I can’t find any way to create an account from the app.
  • The export feature seems to be unencrypted. Is there a plan to add an encrypted export ?
  • will export through QR code be implemented ? Like Google does. Or only JSON export ?
  • I know the import feature will be added in the future, but will only JSON be supported ? Or will import through QR code be a thing ? If not, it will be impossible for people to make a switch from several apps that don’t allow JSON export (Google Auth included).
  • Is there a plan to add automatic backup in the cloud (iCloud for an iPhone for example). It’s a must have for an app like that, but it’s not clear in the road map. I’m not talking about the Authenticator’s backup included in the phone’s backup, just a backup straight in the cloud, without the all phone’s backup.

Thank you.

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