“Name” shouldn’t be the mandatory field

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“Name” shouldn’t be the mandatory field

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I really appreciate all of the item fields are non-mandatory, because I can use auto-fill function just for password with no website or username. Nice!
But what makes me really mad is that I have to fill “name” field which is absolutely useless in the base scenario.

There is no reason to have this field mandatory: please label it “untitled” if you want, or prefill the name automaticlay just copypasting the domain name if I haven’t specified it.

I understnad if at least one input field shouldn’t be empty (including custom fields), but I’m begging you to let me don’t spend my time on “name” field.

thank you

Hi @Kanatov - welcome.

I think the reason that the Name field is mandatory is that it is the identifier for your login items. If it was omitted, all you would see is your username - how would you find the item you required?

And except for when I add an entry from scratch, Bitwarden always automatically populates the Name field with the site name or app name when you create a new entry.

Hi David, thank you for the instant reply!

If I’ll import my passwords from another service which doesn’t store the “name” field I’ll see that Bitwarden will add there dummy names like “–”

My vault  Bitwarden Web Vault 2022-02-06 1 pm-49-08

After that I’ll able to use my imported passwords as usual. Nothing stops me from search or autofill and the “name” field doesn’t play any role in this process. It has the same value as any custom field, but for some reason it’s mandatory.

Don’t understand me wrong, I’m writing here because I find the service attractive and I like many things about it, but as a user I feel pain that I have to make a manual input with no value. Nothing will chages if this field will be custom or prefiled with url + username and it’s not clear what problem the “name” field solves.

Thanks for the clarification, @kanatov. I guess I am struggling with how one would manage or search through dozens or hundreds of credentials using a username and no label, but if that suits your needs, I can understand your request. Cheers!

One thing I can immediately think of is that it prevents less technically savvy users from creating a vault that could cause them a lot of confusion later. Yes, you can still “find” these later by searching for a URI, but the URI isn’t displayed unless you look at the item’s details.