Name enforcement (duplicate folders or collections)

As per discussions from Duplicate folder names allowed · Issue #383 · bitwarden/browser · GitHub and Misc enhancements surrounding the Folders management panel · Issue #384 · bitwarden/browser · GitHub the ability to have duplicate name folder is more problematic than useful.

One of the most glamorous issues is that it’s super easy to have a huge number of dangling folders, especially since:

  • Services such as LastPass have erroneous encoding, often prompting users to have to correct entries and then re-inport (cue “Import your data from LastPass” F.A.Q. article)
  • Deleting a single folder from the web vault takes 4 clicks, and multiple attempts with multiple folders easily sum up pretty drastically
  • There is currently no way to delete all folders or all data with a single function - even deleting the vault entries (by selecting all, and then clicking “delete”) leaves all the empty folders in place (which is completely understandable)

Unfortunately as per the GitHub thread it was stated that the duplicate names are fundamentally gonna be allowed as a feature. I respect the wish for customizability but I beg the development team to reconsider this on the ground of issues and the fact that near-zero users will make use of such an option, and even still there would be better ways to implement this, e.g. enforcing the prevention by default in backend and asking the user for confirmation when creating a new folder manually.

Agree wholeheartedly!

The ability to create multiple folders and items with the same name creates far more problems than value - and its counter-intuitive compared to how most file systems work.


Why bitwarden dev to slow make improvements?

So many critical function doesn’t had