My Vault - Folder Item Counts Don't Include Subfolders

The item count next to folder names does not count items in subfolders (it should).

Also in the Chrome extension if you click on a folder that has subfolder, the subfolder names are displayed but it doesn’t show a count of items in the subfolder. On the Android App it does show the count.

Can confirm this behaviour.


I’m new to BW but I see no folder counts anywhere. I’m talking more about the desktop app not the browser extension. And as I type I just looked at the extension and see the counts.

So seeing that, I’d like to ask that the counts are also shown on the desktop application too.

In addition to the fact that the counts (only shown in the browser extension) indeed do not include the sub-folders counts, and that sub-folder counts are also not shown (when navigating into the sub-folders),
I would say I’d like to see the counts both in the desktop application and the web application, the same as in the extension, but with the sub-folders considered.