"My vault" by default , when opening android app

Hi, I splitted my previous account to share only some password with my wife, for security reason and ease of use.

Is there a way to only display my vault (at first), and not “all vaults”, when opening android app, but still having easy access to “all vaults”. I don’t see such option, in app parameters, and when I leave the app with “my vault” selected, when reopening, it reopen to “all vaults” by default?

Hope I could express myself clearly, and the same question hasn’t been already asked…

Thanks a lot

( I’m a premium user, but with different credentials (for security reason), and I don’t know if it useful to precise it, to have an answer :slight_smile: )

Thanks for the feedback, the team is looking into improving the default setting here.

Yes, an option to set the displayed default vault(s) on a “per device” basis would be great.


> “Must” have:

  • Per device: set view to ether ALL VAULTS or 1 specific vault like “My vault” or “Organization XYZ vault” (and allow switching between them as needed like before)

> Nice to have:

  • Per device: set view to ALL VAULTS or select one/multiple vaults like “My vault” and “Organization XYZ vault” to be displayed as default (and allow switching between them as needed like before)
  • Per device: Require Master password / pin to switch to certain vaults/view (Explanation: The alternative would be, to protect each entry of a certain vault with a master password, but this would hamper work if using this vault on another device normally - e.g. business vault on business device)

As a use-case example (Best case):

  • Per default, my work device should display the “organization XYZ” vault.
  • My private pc should display my personal vault.
  • My smartphone should display both “organization XYZ” and my personal vault.
  • None of the devices should display the “organization ABC” vault by default, as it contains emergency accounts (e.g. of my parents).
  • But you should still be able to switch to different vaults if needed, maybe after optional authentication for certain vaults (to protect business accounts on private devices).