My account lost its premium membership [Was: 我的账号失去了高级会员]

你好,我是中国用户,我的账户显示在12月5日和12月28日各扣除了10美元的费用,我的账户目前还不是高级账户,我非常的气愤,不光扣了我两遍钱,而且现在还不是高级会员,导致我的TOTP 验证码功能都不能用!!!麻烦速度给我处理

Hello, I am a Chinese user. My account shows that on December 5 and December 28, I deducted $10 respectively. My account is not a premium account at present. I am very angry. Not only did I deduct money twice, but also I am not a senior member, so my TOTP verification code function cannot be used!!! Please deal with it quickly

Hi @james and welcome to the community :tada:

I’m sorry to hear about the issue with your account.

Please get in touch with customer support via the Contact Form.

I’m sure they’ll be able to help you.

Kind regards

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i already via the Contact Form,but nobody contact me yet :joy:

Hey @james can you confirm that you got the autoreply? If so, the team will get back to you as soon as possible.

I have got the autoreply

Try this: Log out and back in.