Multiple window support for BitWarden Desktop

I work in the Linux Desktop app in Ubuntu.

I often find myself in situations where two or more sets of credentials are needed for what I am doing. An example would be credentials for a server OS plus whatever software I’m dealing with on said server.
Or perhaps a client machine and its credentials plus a global admin credential set.

Imagine, for instance, setting up a new user space for a Windows Azure AD user without admin privileges. Through the setup process, I might need to enter the various default user credentials (user set), interspersed for each installation that requires admin privileges with the global Azure Admin credential (admin set).

Whatever the case, I am constantly executing searches or switching Bitwarden folders to get to each credential set. Each search takes at least 10 seconds, but often a lot longer, which quickly adds up to a lot of waiting if you are performing a task that requires one or the other set of credentials over and over.

It would be so much easier (and faster) if I could keep two BitWarden desktop windows open, each displaying the respective credentials sets I need. This way, I could simply copy the credentials already displayed in their separate windows instead of having to search every time I switch from one credential set to the other.

I do not see a way to open a second window - if there is a way to do this already, I would love to know.

I suspect this would also make the app perform better since search queries would not need to be repeated over and over.
I do realize I could open additional credentials in the browser version of BitWarden, but I find that interface a lot more cumbersome to work with than the desktop app.