Multiple Organizations in the same self-hosted instance?

Can I have multiple organizations in the same Bitwarden self-hosted installation? There seems to be a way to switch between multiple orgs in the organizations panel. In other words, can I import multiple organization licenses to the same self-hosted instance noting that those licenses then will use the same installation ID, right?

That will help to manage multiple small organizations more easily without having to create multiple environments. I planning to use one org with SSO and SCIM with trusted devices passwordlessly (Enterprice) and another with normal master password configuration (Teams). According to the documentation SSO and SCIM are per organization. I do not need users between orgs to have any connection to each other.

I am also curious if you can have 2 different family organizations in the same self-hosted installation as that seems to be configured the same way for personal use.

Yes, I can confirm that is possible to import multiple organization licenses to the same self-hosted instance. Tthe same installation ID can be used with multiple licenses