Multiple google accounts

can bitwarden read the selected google username so that it auto fill that specific password for that specific username?

It can handle multiple logins for the same site, but not the way you suggest. Instead, you have to create separate items in your vault for each of your login/password pairs, and all the items will point to the same site/domain/etc. Then at login time, you must simple choose from the list which login/password pair you wish to signin with.

Bitwarden will also remember you previous choice, that way if you are using autofill, it will populate that choice by default.

I mean…in google multiaccounts it already have ur username and photo, it makes sense that bitwarden understands that and fills that specific account password

Yeah, I don’t think it will do that. I tried to replicate the scenario, but I inevitably had to type in the username first (which I used BW to fill). And once I logged in, Google never asked for a password again when switching between accounts.

If you have a method/site where I can see what you mean, I would be happy to give it a shot.

EDIT: Scratch that - I figured it out. No, Bitwarden will autofill with either the last used account for site, or you must click the extension icon and choose the matching account. Sorry.

and that brings up the feature request…though it is not a priority