Multiple gmail accounts

I’ve got multiple Gmail accounts and would like to setup logins for each.

But the Google login page - displays an account chooser…no way to set the account name. Usually has the last account used pre-selected (uneditable).


Do you mean this?


Just chose the account you wnat to login with and use Bitwarden to fill in the password.


Or remove all of the accounts to be able to login with a new account.

so bitwarden has some special coding for that page?

because the email address is not an INPUT field as far as I can tell.

I’ll try it thanks.

I ask because t-mobile has a 2-page login process and I haven’t been able to get that to work.

Couldn’t you just add multiple Gmail logins in Bitwarden then, when you get to the password screen, select whichever account password you need?

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If you delete all accounts from the login selection in Gmail or add another account you are able to put an email address into this field.


Like @danmullen wrote just add multiple Gmail logins in Bitwarden and it should work as expected. :wink:

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