Multiple email addresses for one Bitwarden account

Sorry if this has been asked already, but I couldn’t find it.

I would like to be able to have multiple email addresses linked to my Bitwarden account. The use case for me is that I may be a member of multiple organizations. Each organization may need to use a different email address for me to give me access to their vault, but I would like to be able to access all my organization vaults from the same login.

I understand that account switching is already a feature that more or less solves this problem in a different way by allowing me to create separate accounts for each email address and switch between them, but this would reduce the hassle of needing to maintain separate logins with separate master passwords and switching back and forth for each organization I am part of.

Hi Leon - thanks for posting in the community and being a Bitwarden user! The email is a critical part of our end-to-end encryption architecture (more info here: Bitwarden Security Whitepaper | Bitwarden Help Center) so this would not be feasible to have multiple email addresses from a security perspective. We recommend that organizations that add you use the same email if you would like to access organization vaults from one account.

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