Multiple attachements in one note


sorry if I have completely missed the option, is there a way to store multiple attachements in one secure note? I have multiple small license files I would like to keep together.

Yes, you sure can. Just edit the note, click on Attachments, and upload the ones you want.


I should have been more clear: I mean upload multiple attachements at once. I wanted to select all files with shift + click, but only one file got selected.

Edit: Control+A also does not work. I tried with the browser plugin and web vault.

Ah, sorry. Unfortunately, no - I don’t think so. :slightly_frowning_face:

Bummer… Just wanted to make sure I didn’t miss it. Thanks for your help! Off to feature requests :slight_smile:

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Feel free to add your vote here:


Will do! Just checked the roadmap but couldn’t find anything related. Strange that the search didn’t find that feature request. Before I opened this thread I searched for “multiple attachements”…
OH, I spelled it wrong :relieved:

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