Multiple accounts, autofill chooses "wrong" password

I’m experiencing an issue with autofill and multiple accounts on the same site. The one example I can think of (having just experienced it before writing this post) is X (formerly known as Twitter).

I’ll autofill the username, then go to the next page, have to autofill again, only to have it fill using the password of one of my subsequent accounts for the same site in my vault. This means I have to hit my autofill keybinding enough times to be sure to cycle back to the right entry.

Easy enough if I have only two accounts, but what if I have more?

Is there an option I’m just not aware of that solves this issue, or is my only choice to duplicate some of my entries to make it easier to do this?

@morningstar Welcome to the forum!

Normally, if the password entry is on a new page, then auto-filling with Ctrl+Shift+L will use the most recently used account (i.e., the account that was used to auto-fill the username).

It is possible that the Xitter login form does not actually present the password prompt on a new page, but just reformats the original login form webpage so that the username prompt is hidden and the password prompt becomes visible.

Bitwarden is continuously improving their auto-fill algorithm to deal with tricky situations like these, but website designers are always introducing new complications that trip up the algorithms. I would encourage you to report the issue you’re experiencing on the following Google Form, which used by the Bitwarden devs to collect information about unexpected auto-fill behaviors:


In the meantime, what happens if you refresh the password entry page (e.g., using F5) before auto-filling with Ctrl+Shift+L? Does it just go back to the username prompt? If it stays on the password entry prompt, then the auto-fill may work after the re-load.