Multiple account per item / grouped same item

Example, one person have multiple gmail account, multiple account in item can be choosen by drop down or tabbed interface

This will help to less item listing.

I don’t really understand. You can already add multiple accounts for the same service. What is your request ?

For example, if we add 10 gmail items, there will be 10 items gmail listed.
What I expect in user interface is: 1 gmail item listed contain 10 entries which we can choose by dropdown or tabbed or by something else nicer.

This will help with who have a lots of accounts (in same service), no need to scroll up down to search item, i know i can type in search box, but we need to think the keyword first, sometimes i prefer find in listing than search box.

(Reawakening a very old feature request.)

I would suggest generalizing this to folders with searchable names. Suppose you create a folder whose name is “gmail/microsoft/zoho/gmx”. And into this you put all your email accounts hosted at any of those providers. Now you can search for any of these, and you will see this folder in the list, and you can click/hover on this folder to see the individual accounts.

The benefit of this is that you are not limited to only the gmail accounts in one menu item but can choose how to group items yourself.

Currently, a search does not find folders, so far as I can tell. You have to click on a folder to get the items in it.

At my work, we (unfortunately) are using Amazon AWS. This means I have perhaps 10 different accounts with varying levels of access at a time. All of these accounts belong to the same organisation. Perhaps a solution might be to be able to have hierarchies of folders? Unless I’m mistaken this isn’t currently possible? Being able to use fuzzy matching of paths would allow for quick filtering for the different account types I may need. Currently I’m prefixing the name of the item with square-bracketed tags, so I can differentiate, but it’s not ideal at all.