Multiline custom fields (hidden)

Feature name

  • Multiline custom fields text and hidden

Feature function

This would allow you to store plain text content that has line changes. For example PEM formatted SSL keys

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I was also hoping that I would be able to do this myself. I was thinking that essentially I would like an implementation of the “Hidden” field where the item is hidden from view by default but can be easily toggled like a hidden field but where it’s a multi-line note. A good example where I would like this done would be where I need to record my 2fa backup codes as I would typically store those in the notes field but if I need to copy a password from the desktop client, it would be easy to accidentally expose my 2fa recovery codes if I am screen sharing.

This is exactly why I need it too. I’m currently having to store them as “Notes” in the login entry and it is always visible. I can’t enter them in single line custom field. A multiline custom field would be the ideal solution.

I was actually thinking about this and maybe the easiest solution would be an option to hide the Notes field (preserving new lines but not line lengths)… which would be nice

I prefer multi-line custom fields over an option to hide the Notes field.

I’d like to store several multi-line hidden fields in a single Item and use the same copy/auto-minimize/paste UI workflow available today with custom fields.