MSP / Provider - Access to Clients Vault from Desktop App / Plugin

As a MSP we frequently login to certain applications / websites as the client.
Can we either have the option to share a Credential from our Vault to the Client’s Vault or have access to the Client’s Vault from the Desktop App of Browser Plugin

Otherwise we would need to maintain two copies of the credential.

Hi Dominic!

Welcome, Bitwarden has recently made many additions in the realm of MSPs specifically.
Namely with the Provider Portal which can allow you to set up and manage along side your clients their Organizations and shared logins.

You would most likely wish to start off with your own internal Organization, this can be used to share credentials within internal teams for your MSP.
Organizations can also allow for multiple collections (aka folders, and nested folders) which can be configured in a multitude of ways.

In our single company we structure departments into single collections, then have multiple sub-collections nested to allow for granular access to different individuals for the type of login it is.

e.g. HR/Personal stuff
     IT/Network Logins
     IT/Hardware/SSH Keys


I would suggest starting off with a free Organization and allow yourself to become familiar with Organizations and their use and sharing capabilities.
You could also begin an Enterprise trial to get experience with the full set of features.

I would note that most of what you want could be accomplished with teams subscription within each Organization, to allow for easy sharing of passwords to yourself as the MSP and your client users.
Users will still each have their own personal vault in which admins are unable to view credentials, unless shared to an Organization. Either directly by the user, or via enterprise policy.

Though some features such as the option to self-host, enterprise policies, as well as assisting end users with admin password reset are available within the enterprise tier, and not teams.
These may be critical features for your need as an MSP, or may not so I would suggest reviewing the comparison to see which options best fit your use case.


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Hi Kent,
Currently have an Enterprise account setup, also registered and have access to the “Provider Portal”

It seems the only way to access the clients vault is through the “Provider Portal”
Unless I’m missing something?

As a ‘Provider’ user - yes, that is the mechanism to access their information. You can share data between you and your clients though!

The best practice is to be a member of their organization, and have the credentials in the client’s org. This allows you and the client to store the item once and control who has access to the credentials.