MS Edge - super slow extension and high CPU load

Hello, recently something happened to Bitwarden on my work laptop in MS Edge. If I load a webpage and click the extension it takes around half a minute to show anything and meanwhile CPU gets really busy doing I don’t know what. When it finally appears, I click on the record related to the website but nothing happens and again there is a long time of CPU load. Then when I click on it again, it says
so I need to click on the key icon to copy password and paste it to the password field
Seems like this happens on any site with some login.
This does NOT happen in FireFox or on my other computer with MS Edge. Any ideas?

There was an issue which has been discussed here
There is a new version 2023.7.1 in the store that should fix the issue you came across.

Make sure that the Bitwarden extension is updated automatically or try to update it manually. The installed version can be checked by visiting edge://extensions/


OK I see my version is 2023.7.0 and there is no button to make it update! Why doesn’t this update automatically? Is this normal that the extension stays at the version which was initially installed? how do I make it update for MS Edge?

I look into FireFox and Bitwarden extension there is even older and also doesn’t updated automatically! I clicked Check for updates and no updates found! So for FireFox the last version is from may?

For MS Edge, you can enable the developer mode with the toggle on the left side on the extension site. A new button should appear at the top of the page. With this button all available updates should be installed.
Afterwards, the developer mode can be disabled again.

For Firefox, your installed version 2023.5.1 is the newest versoin available. This version should work just fine.
I mean, if you really wanted too, you can download the newest version from Github and install the update manually.

I have pressed F12 and F5, but no new button appeared. So I decided to remove the extension and install again and yes now I have version 2023.7.1. But why isn’t this updating automatically?? What should non techie users do if they don’t read some forums??