MS Edge blocking BW autosave?

Has anyone noticed Edge is now automatically generating passwords?

I’m on MS Edge version Version 100.0.1185.29 (Official build) (64-bit)

Once Edge has autogenerated a password and I have created an account with whatever service, Bitwarden no longer asks me to save the credentials for the site.

Is this happening to anyone else?

Hello @namazu - welcome!

Yes, this can happen in many browsers. Have you been able to go into Edge’s settings and disable the feature to save and autofill passwords? If you do, Bitwarden should become activated again.

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Hallo! :wave:

Thanks for the advice, I have just disabled the password settings in Edge but it’s still not triggering Bitwarden :confused:


I’m not sure, @namazu - you might try checking your settings in BW to ensure that it is still set to prompt you to save logins. If that seems correct, I believe it must still be something that conflicts on the browser side of things. Let us know how you make out.