Moving multiple items to folder

is there away to tag/move multiple entries to FOLDERS? I have a large nr of items that are not currently in folders. At momnet i have to open, edit,save them 1 by 1 when I’d like to have a tick box list to slect mutiple items that could then be added to folders.

Another folder relate wish is that entries could be in more than 1 folder, sometimes i have entries that could benefit from being in 2 or more folders.

Maybe a multi TAG system would work better?

Suggestions appreciated.


You can do this in the Web Vault app. Check the check boxes for each item to move (1), then click the kebab menu icon at the top right (2), select “Move Selected” from the pop-up menu (3), and specify the destination folder.


Great thanks, I’ll give that a go, will save me a lot of time organising!

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