Moving Item to Organization in Desktop App (and two issues)

I have spent the last few days testing BW and 1P as I plan to make a move from LastPass shortly. Both have positives and negatives. I am focused on BW for now and have a few questions. I was planning on opening several topics but maybe I will post them all here.

  1. Is it true that I can only move an item to an organization with the browser extension and not with the desktop app (version 2022.12.0)?

  2. I just signed up for this forum. I right-clicked on the password box, chose to generate a password and nothing happened. I had to use the web extension to create a password and then copy/paste.

  3. Then, once I activated everything and logged in here, there was NO BW prompt under the address bar asking me to save the new login.

Thank you.

Hello @gadgetfreak and welcome to the community,

To answer your questions here.

  1. In the Desktop App, when creating a new Item you can select at the bottom Who owns this item? which provides a drop-down menu for selecting either your individual vault, or an Organizational vault to store this item in.
    • Subsequently if you already own an item in your individual vault, this can be Moved to an Organization by selecting to Edit the item, then selecting the :arrow_right: button to Move to organization

  1. Did you happen to paste after you selected to generate a password with the right-click context menu?
    The language here was recently changed to try to be a bit clearer, that when selecting this option the generated password is copied to your clipboard, which you can then paste into the password field to create a new password.
    i.e. Right-click

    Ctrl/CMD + V or right-click & Paste
  1. Can you check and verify the option in your browser extension is enabled?
    In the extension client go to :gear: SettingsOptionsAsk to add login & possibly Ask to update existing login
    Ask to add login will be the main one you are concerned about as this should prompt for storage of a new login if you don’t already have one with a matching URI. Where Ask to update existing login will prompt for updating the password for a login that is already saved and a password change is detected.

Hope this helps :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you for the reply. That → box is a bit tricky to find but now I see it :).

What I also find interesting is that, when viewing the list of logins, you see a shared icon but there is no way to tell what Collection it is in unless you choose Edit, scroll and click on Collections. On the other hand, you can see the Folder just by selecting the login - not even editing it. This is one area where 1P wins.

I see how the password generation was just changed to have the word (copied). And, yes, that works. But what if I want to customize the length/characters of the PW before I create it?

As for the add login issue, I believe everything was set up properly but I will continue to test that more.

Thanks again.