Moving an organization with shared folders from Lastpass to Bitwarden

My company currently uses Lastpass Teams. We’re currently running a Bitwarden Enterprise trial for two people to test out the product as a replacement for Lastpass. The basic export-Lastpass-vault, import-csv-to-Bitwarden process worked, but there’s a problem.

Several departments in our organization have shared folders that are accessed by multiple employees. Say, Client Services has a department-only shared folder, and five people in that department have access to it. How do we go about exporting shared folders from Lastpass and importing them into Bitwarden Enterprise so that there’s only one copy of each entry in the Shared-Client Services folder?

We’ve already figured out that the items need to be moved to the Organization, then made part of a Collection, and that the Client Services users should be the only people who can access that Collection. We just want to know how we go about getting these items imported without winding up with five copies of every entry. As far as we can tell, exporting somebody’s Lastpass vault exports all the contents of every shared folder they have access to, so that means importing the .csv files of five users gives us five copies of every item in Shared-Client Services.

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Hey there, for integration support, you can contact the official support team directly: Get in Touch | Bitwarden

I’d love to hear the outcome of this, we are facing the same issue.

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Hey there, I’m pretty new here but we’re actually going through this process ourselves. Here is the workflow that I have mapped out and intend to complete next week:

  1. As a LastPass admin export all data
    2.Turn on LastPass Admin policy: Restrict User Export (you’ll see why).
    3.Import data to Bitwarden (removing any personal items from the csv as this will be a combination of shared folders and personal vault items)
    4.Invite users to Bitwarden and grant them access to the imported shared folders (Now Collections)
  2. Insure they have the necessary access permissions to use the items in Bitwarden and no longer need LastPass for Shared items/credentials)
    6.Remove access for all users to all Shared Folders in LastPass
    7.Turn Off LastPass Admin Policy 'Restrict User Exports (Now they can do their personal vault exports
    8.Instruct Users to migrate personal vaults.

This in theory should stop multiple instances of shared folders being imported into personal vaults in Bitwarden. Test this with a user but this is the workaround I’ve thought of. Hope it helps!


Follow up on this after a successful migration. It worked as planned and users are now free to migrate personal folders. Things I would take note of during the migration:

  • Any file attachments will not migrate so be sure to get teams to make a note of any passwords/items with attachments in Shared folders (this could be certificates, key-files etc). They’ll need to move these manually. This also applies to personal vault items some worth reminding users.

  • While the Bitwarden documentation on migration mentions deleting the .csv file after successful upload, I would stress this point to users since this is a plain-text file! It should be deleted immediately

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