Move passwords back to personal vault

I was setting up a new organisation for the family. I created the organisation, and then selected a bunch of passwords and moved them from my personal vault to the organisation.

All good so far. Except I moved some to the organisation that I want to keep private. So i want to move them “back” to my vault. But the option to Move does not exist in the organisation.

Is there a way to move them back aside from manually deleting and re-creating them?


Hi @Griffo and welcome to the community,

You should find the answer to your question in the Bitwarden Help section below.

Q: How do I “unshare” an item from my organization?

A: To unshare an item:

  1. Clone the item back to your individual vault by navigating to your organization vault (by selecting Organizations from the menu bar, not by using organization Filters) and selecting Clone from the Options menu for the item you want to clone. Only users with user type admin or higher can clone items into their individual vault by changing the Ownership setting.

  2. Delete the item from the organization vault by selecting Delete from the same menu.


Thank you. I’m surprised I missed that when searching :smiley:

It would be nice if we could select multiples, it seems i have to do them one by one, but still much easier than deleting and re-creating.