Move "Lock now" from settings to search bar

Bitwarden cloud instance or self-hosted? No
Device Type: Linux
OS version: ArchLinux 5.18.15-zen1
Bitwarden version: 2022.6.1

Steps to reproduce the issue:
“Lock Now” from settings should not be buried inside settings. It should be on Search bar itself. Improve this & UX will be more better.

DId anyone read this ? I’m confused I donno if my post is even read by someone…:roll_eyes:

Okay. 66 views. But no votes. I donno why this is voted by anyone.
I frequently unlock & lock the vault. This UX improvement will be much more useful who re-lock their vaults often.

Hi @pc00per,

I can’t speak for our community why this isn’t voted up.

Possibly other users don’t have the same use-case or another way of achieving the same.

Did you know there’s a keyboard shortcut to lock the vault? Keyboard Shortcuts | Bitwarden Help Center

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Amazing. Tqvm. I have a fully keyboard centric workflow, this helps me a lot.
I never knew chrome had support for extension shortcuts :smile:

Still, I would consider this UX design change, which’ll be helpful for mouse centric users.

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