Move indexes in Elasticsearch?


we use Elasticsearch as search server, because it is advantageous for us that the data or documents are stored in a NoSQL format. The communication with the clients via the RESTful web interface and works fast and flawlessly so far. To make backups as well as to set up the Elasticsearch service in Aiven, I have to move indexes from the previous service to the new service. Can anyone help me with how I can do this with Elasticsearch?

I would recommend elasticsearch-dump to move the index or indexes to the hosted elasticsearch service in Aiven. You can find all the necessary information about elasticsearch-dump on GitHub - read all about it there.
The first step is to have a database in Aiven. You will need to set up an Elasticsearch service in Aiven. You can switch between different plan sizes in Aiven for Elasticsearch, but I would recommend that you stay with a plan size that is big enough for the process during the process with elasticsearch-dump. In the next step you use the elasticdump command to start the data import. You can copy the whole command on the website:
This will send an input to an output. Both can be an Elasticsearch URL or a file path (e.g. a URL from Elasticsearch and a URL from Aiven). After the import, you can then use the Aiven console to check if the created/“imported” index exists. The complete instructions and the dump command can be found on the Aiven site in the support section.

Hope I could help.