Move from Firefox to Bitwarden


I am currently trying to consolidate my password locations, in my case that is Bitwarden’s vault and about ~350 semi-sanitized browser logins I exported from Firefox. What I am trying to achieve is to have all kind of login data in Bitwarden and use browser logins via Bitwarden’s browser extension at the desktop. I am aware that Bitwarden has an import functionality for Firefox’s data but I am a little bit hesitant. I would like to have browser logins and “other stuff” seperated. My current Bitwarden entries are all listed as “Logins”.

  1. Is there an easy way to import all Firefox logins into a specific category? I found this but I think I do not want to fiddle around manually with my Firefox csv file to migrate the structure.

  2. What is the best option for an Android phone? I do know that one can somehow replace the built-in password storage. Any caveats I need to consider?

You can directly export a .csv file from Firefox. Please follow these instructions

I know I can export from Firefox, that is what I did before manually removing unneeded entries from that file. What I am looking for is a way to IMPORT these entries into Bitwarden into a specific category easily.

I would make a copy of the file and then edit it in the speadsheet. I would for example, create an entry in bitwarden and export it and see what the format is, then use the spreadsheet software to manipulate the copy of the export to match.

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