More Passphrase word separator options

The Passphrase word separator is restricted to 1 specific character. It’d be nice to have multiple characters and/or random characters as options.

For examples:
Multiple Character Word separator - I manually enter &$ and Bitwarden returns Five&$Target&$Blue&$Fish

Random Character Word Separator - I leave the field blank and Bitwarden returns Five+Target&Blue$Fish

And for the combo
Multiple Random Character Word Separator - I ask for 3 random word separators and Bitwarden returns Five+&[email protected]#&Blue+#@Fish

I can see where the first example would be useful, but the random ones would make it very hard to remember the passphrase, wouldn’t it? Passphrases are useful when the credentials need to be memorised.

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I like the idea of different separators between words. I don’t want any part of my generated password to be predictable. I’ve also suggested that random letters be capitalized, not just the first letter of every word for that reason.

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Not wrong, for sure. That’s a big reason for a Passphrase over a completely random password. My thought is that it’s still easier to read and type in if I can’t copy and paste it auto fill.

Completely agree with the random capitalization. This is another example of the ease of remembering something. If it’s randomly capitalized I may not be able to remember it as well. But it would still be easier to read compared to a completely random password.

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