More Intelligent Prioritising in Search Results

One of the things I find really annoying about using Bitwarden is that the sorting algorithm for returned search results is so dumb. Here’s an example to show what I mean:

A lot of sites [ironically, this is one too] will allow you to use your Google / Twitter FB / account to sign in. Now, if I’m visiting one of those sites and choose to login with Google, I have to use the search in the Bitwarden popup to find my Google login, because the site I’m visiting isn’t on a Google domain.

I have a couple of Gmail accounts saved in Bitwarden as ‘<accountname> - Gmail’. However, when I search for ‘Gmail’ [even using upper case], Bitwarden returns search results for the hundreds of sites where I’ve signed up with Gmail and therefore my username is ‘<somename>’. I have to scroll through all of these every time to find the login details for my actual Gmail account, so I can copy my password.

Bitwarden should prioritise search results matching the name of the site and/or the title I have given the saved login over the username I login to the site with [especially when this an email address or the same username I use across dozens of sites]

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