Modify "Folder Selector" (UI) when edit an item

I think I’m in the right place after a lot of reading. If not, please move this topic/request to its correct location.

I wanted to request something that seems like a silly thing to do. I think the way it is now is uncomfortable.

When I edit an entry in my vault, there is a section that is the “folder” and I can assign this entry to another folder. To do this you must choose from an “input type select”.

My request is if it is possible for this selector to be with autocomplete. When there are many folders and “nested” ones it is difficult to find the folder but if there was a text box to search and filter it, it would be easier.

I know there are solutions like select2 that would be pretty close to what I’m requesting.
I leave a link although I’m sure it is a very well-known component and I’m sure that you, as experts, have much better solutions.

Thank you very much for your time and your tool.

Hi @ciltocruz! Welcome to community! :wave:

Yes, this is the right place for this to go and thank you for the recommended solution! :rocket:

Hi @ciltocruz and thanks for your request.

This is something that Bitwarden is actually working on. Over at Bitwarden has built a component library, which is more and more going to replace the existing components.

Some parts of Bitwarden have already been migrated. For example on the import page (Web, desktop and browser) which uses the searchable select for several options.

More usage of the component library across clients will be happening in 2024.

That’s great news. I am looking forward, then, to this change throughout 2024.

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