Mobile app not asking PIN to unlock

I have configured BW app on my Android mobile phone to ask me a PIN code every time I need to unlock it because I find it more convenient to push just the numbers on the numeric key board (bigger keys, one hand needed) rather than a keyboard with letters, simbols and numbers (smaller keys, two hands needed). However, surprisingly the app asks for my master password instead. Ocassionally I get the PIN unlock screen, but about 9 out of 10 times I am asked to introduce my master password.

I don’t know what is happening, maybe I am missing somthing on the settings options, or should I report a bug?

Not super familiar with PIN unlock since my mobile device integrates biometrics for unlock, possibly when you set up PIN unlock it was set to require your master password when the app is closed and restarted.

This can be changed to always allow PIN unlock if you choose.

  1. A dialog box will appear asking whether you want to require unlocking with your master password when the application is restarted. Tap Yes to require your Master Password instead of PIN when the app restarts. Tap No for the ability to unlock with the PIN when the app restarts.
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