Mobile App - Can't access server behind reverse proxy with client cert authentification


finally I get my self-hosted version up and running on Synology Docker. To access the Bitwarden Vault I have a NGINX proxy in front of my domain. This proxy was configured that I can access the vault from any PC which has a client certificate installed. If no certificate is found the NGINX asks for a user and password in order to redirect to the vault.
This is working fine from any PC using the browser. But it seems the mobile app can’t access my client certificate which I’ve installed on my iPhone. If I deactivate the client authorization in NGINX I can access the vault from mobile app on iOS.

Any idea why the mobile app can’t access the client certificate on my iPhone?


Mobile apps use .NET with HttpClient. Maybe we need to enable some property to use client certificates. Will have to investigate.

Is there any update on this? I also have a similar setup and would love to further secure access with that client certificate.

Has this been sorted out? Would love to implement mTLS for my bitwarden instance.