Mobile app 2FA only presents default method (NFC U2F)

I am a Bitwarden subscriber with U2F, Authenticator (Authy) and email as my 2FA methods. I’m using the browser extensions as well as the desktop and mobile apps.

The last few days when I tried logging into the mobile app on Android 12, it went immediately to the AuthN page for NFC and does not offer the option to use my Authenticator or email. I tried using a USB adapter that had worked with my U2F key on a previous Android 8 phone, but it does not work on Android 12. I am now hobbling along using the Bitwarden extension on Firefox for Android. I have read that Bitwarden now only supports NFC U2F on Android 13+, but wondering why the mobile app doesn’t display alternatives other than “another device” or “enterprise sso”. Any advice on how I should proceed would be welcome (and no, abandoing the use of U2F keys isn’t an option: after a few years of badgering I’ve finally got the whole family using them).

I have answered my own question. When logging in with the mobile app you can choose an alternative 2FA method by X-ing out of the AuthN window and then going to the overflow menu (three vertical dots) at the very top right of the screen and “select another method”. You can then pick from the choices listed. Not the most intuitive UI design in history, but serviceable enough once you know the secret.