Missing helpful prompts when trying to fill (CTRL+Shift+L)

I’ve gotten used to manually instructing my password manager (Bitwarden) to fill fields instead of auto-filling as Lastpass did, and in fact love that I have to do it manually since it’s more secure and very easy once you know the hotkey command.

There are, however, a few UX issues where I think improvements could be made:
If go to a site’s log in page and set focus in the username/e-mail/etc. field and use the CTRL+Shift+L command to fill the fields, nothing happens if…

  1. I’m not logged in
  2. There’s no login stored for the site

I would expect Bitwarden to recognize what I’m trying to do and then prompt me to…

  1. (if not logged in) Enter my master password
  2. (if no login stored) Tell me no login is stored

Am I missing something and is this already supported or should this be a feature request?

Thanks in advance!


On 2. Bitwarden already tells you that no login is stored, by there not being a number displayed on the icon. It doesn’t need to tell you when you have tried to login, because it was telling you the same thing before you tried to login.

Glancing at the icon is very easy. I fail to see why so many who have transferred from other password managers appear to dislike it, I liked it as soon as I saw it.

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Thanks for your reply. As I stated this is a UX issue where I think improvements can be made.

Bitwarden already tells you that no login is stored, by there not being a number displayed on the icon

Glancing at the icon is very easy.

Are you talking about the extension icon in the top right of my browser? That’s not where my attention is when trying to log in (see attached image below). Even if I did think to look in the top right corner of my browser for the extension icon, it’s not intuitive to me that the absence of a number would indicate something meaningful.

The idea with my suggestion for a prompt of some sort is exactly to make system feedback visible to me.

I fail to see why so many who have transferred from other password managers appear to dislike it

This is to me a good indication that there’s a flaw or at least an unmet expectation.

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Different software often works differently and it is just a matter of getting used to the way something works.

Glancing at the icon before doing something soon becomes a habit. I glance up at those icons for a number of reasons while doing things. They are very useful, easy to look at and I can’t really see why a number of people wish to suppress them.


Happy to hear that that works for you and yes, any user can learn to use any software, this is true. It’s just a moot point for this discussion and I don’t see the point of actively advocating not improving usability.

Again, it’s not a matter of suppressing anything, it’s a matter of making system feedback visible to users so they know what is needed in order to log in.

My view is that suitable feedback is already visible. People who are new to the software soon learn this tip and get used to this.

Some change is good, but that does not mean that all change is good or that it is a priority. There are several things I would rather Bitwarden were spending time on.

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Great, thanks for your input.

I’d like to please throw in my upvote for addressing the first issue:

if not logged in, I would really like bitwarden to prompt me for my master password.

I have bitwarden set to log me out after a very short period of time. That makes ctrl-shift-L effectively useless for me, unfortunately!

Agree that it does make the hotkey useless in those cases. I’ve noted it on this comment in a feature request (Overlay popup interface) that could help solve the issue.

There seems to be an older thread around this particular issue: Autofill shortcut should open login window when vault is locked - #17 by Ghantaz

Great find @rashkov, I have voted for it. This thread no longer serves a purpose then and can be closed. :slight_smile:

Welcome! There’s also a github pull request implementing some of this. I’m not sure how well it works but if I get a chance, I’ll try running that code. While it’s not ideal to maintain a personal fork of the extension, it could be a nice way forward.

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