Migrating data from Secrets to Bitwarden

I currently use Secrets on a Mac and would like to migrate my data to Bitwarden. Secrets offers three export formats,

  1. Secrets Plaintext Exchange Format (.spef)
  2. Secrest XML (.xml)
  3. Comma Separated Values (.zip)

Which should I use to import into Bitwarden. I wasn’t initially impressed with the csv export.

Thank you,


Not sure if you solved this, it’s kinda old, but you can take the XML file into Excel, and convert it to a CSV file.

Also the ZIP file has the CSV file, which you can open into excel, if its not importing correctly to BitWarden, just re-arrange it in excel to import the data correctly. I had to do this to get it to import correctly.

Make sure the CSV File is in the correct order when editing. View bottom.