Microsoft Edge - Bitwarden extension keeps reinstalling itself

I have removed the Bitwarden extension from Microsoft Edge, but it keeps reinstalling itself once I restart Microsoft Edge.
Is this a bug? What can I do to fix it? Thank you!

How did you remove it?

@jst68 must have removed the extension from the toolbar or something.

Thank you for your replies!

I went to the extensions configuration screen found here: … -> Extensions

Then I selected “Remove”. It confirmed that the extension has been removed from Microsoft Edge. It also isn’t there when I restart Microsoft Edge, but then an installation tab shows up and informs that Bitwarden has been installed successfully.

I don’t think that’s standard behavior. The Bitwarden windows application is not installed either.

So, how can I completely uninstall it now?

I tried this on Edge and the extension was uninstalled successfully. Launched Edge again and no sign of the extension.
Can you send a screenshot?

If you are signed in to Edge, sign out of Edge and try again.


This may be the reason. Usually when a user signs in with their account, extensions, bookmarks, history, etc are downloaded automatically.

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OK. I have now signed out, then uninstalled the extension and signed back in afterwards. It hasn’t been reinstalling the extension for an hour now. So, I think signing out was the solution. Odd behavior from Microsoft Edge!
Thank you!