MFA - Two-step token is invalid. Try again

I have an bitwarden account, which I can’t login anymore.
I login with username and passwort, get redirected to the MFA page.
When I enter the 6 digit code it gives me: Two-step token is invalid. Try again.
I restarted the phone to ensure the time is in sync, however it still doesn’t accept the MFA code.
I don’t have an alternativ MFA method configured or access to the recovery key.
Is there anything else I can do to fix the MFA/gain access?
Thanks in advance

I would suggest going to an official time server website and verifying that your phone clock actually matches the correct time (to the second):

Another thing you could try is to install an authenticator app on a computer, and import the Bitwarden TOTP secret (which you’d have to export from whatever app you are using on your phone).

If you can’t get your TOTP codes to work, and if you do not have any other 2FA methods or a 2FA recovery code, then you cannot get back into your Bitwarden account.

Is it possible that you have any other devices with Bitwarden apps that are still logged in? If so, disconnect those devices from the internet before opening Bitwarden to check if you get an unlock screen (“Verify identity”) instead of a login screen. If you find any Bitwraden app that you can unlock, then you should use that app to export your vault data in an unencrypted .JSON format. You can then import this file when you set up your new Bitwarden account.