Merging 2 organisations

hi all

As an organisation we have been using bit warden for a while now , and in a few months we will be merging with a different organisation that also uses bit warden
what is the best way to merge both organisations ?
i’d rather like to prevent copying everything over by hand

kind regards

Wouter Simons

Export and Import. Export Vault Data | Bitwarden Help Center

I think you pretty much have to go the migration route, from a smaller org into the larger org (for less work), just like you are setting up from another password manager, except that the target org already exists, already have collections and users, and the source manager is also Bitwarden.

Roughly, you export you collections, and import the collections into the appropriate/new collections of the larger org. Onboard the smaller org’s existing users into the new org. Delete the smaller’s org items/collections, and eventually cancel the subscription and delete the org itself.

Also, you have priority 24/7 support, you can contact support directly to see if they have better ways or other tools to help.