Memorizable password/passphrase generator

Feature RQ: improve Generator by allowing generation of passphrases. A passphrase is a secure password that is a combination of words, making it easier for the user to remember. The words in the passphrase can be meaningful to the user only (such as a local business name) or completely randomly selected, like what Bitwarden can generate with a passphrase feature.

The length of a passphrase makes it difficult for computers to crack, but it’s easier to remember than a random-character password. Using passphrases encourages users to use safe, long, memorable passwords rather than dangerously shortening/simplifying a “random-character” password
(e.g. F39$o* <–too short!) to make it easier to remember.

Here’s example of a passphrase, the function that can be automated by Bitwarden:
A passphrase is a password that consists of a phrase, a sentence, or a series of words such as “kitten treadmill dog laughs“.

Advantages of passphrase/disadvantage of random-character password: By allowing spaces and removing requirements such as regular password changes and the use of upper and lower case letters, numbers, and symbols, this approach allows you to choose a password that is:

Easy for you to remember.
Quicker and easier to type.
Never going to expire.
More secure. As it turns out, “kitten treadmill dog laughs” is far more difficult for even the most sophisticated computer program to hack than “Good2Go!”


Did you try the passphrase-generator Bitwarden already has?

(here from the mobile app, but it is everywhere available)

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This feature already exists in all apps, so I’m closing the thread.

@Sackboy If you have questions about how to access or use the passphrase generator, please post in the Ask the Community section of the forum.