MDM Recommendations for Windows and Linux Clients Deployment

Hello there,
I work for a company that has over 100 Windows PCs and many Linux servers, and we aim to use Bitwarden on-premise. Because the server may be deployed manually by following the installation guide, I’m curious if there are any community recommendations for MDMs that can install and manage (configuration and updates) the browser extension, as well as the desktop and CLI clients, on Windows and Linux.

Hi @simon.johnson

You may check out

Hope that helps, cheers. :slight_smile:

@cksapp, already checked before posting :white_check_mark:. But there is only a recommendation for Apple ecosystem (namely Jamf), which does not match the environment from the infrastructure I manage (Windows and Linux hosts)

For Windows and Linux hosts any appropriate MDM or endpoint solution such as Intune, SmartDeply, and other types of Remote Management and Monitoring software such as ConnectWise just to name a few should be able to install the desktop and CLI clients as described.
Presumably the updates can be handled similar to any other auto-update management within the given product of choice.

Typically auto-updates are disabled and updates are pushed via the MDM, or RMM software respectively. Some endpoint software I believe give you an easy “Turn on Auto-Updates” option for the software install templates, but this would be dependent on each individual software application and its capabilities.

Regarding the browser extension I am unsure if there are many solutions that can easily manage multiple extensions’ installs and settings within multiple browsers.
Your best bet is typically to have this managed via the chosen browsers respective enterprise management options. Below are linked some popular modern-browser help articles.