Maybe this is a display bug about premium members on Desktop and Extensions

I am a administrator of My Organization, have a Enterprise plan.

Show me not a premium member on Desktop and Extensions (etc. Chrome, Firefox, EDGE), Refresh doesn’t work either. But any advanced features are available.


This seems to still be an issue.

I recently paid for a family membership, and whilst my Premium status is correctly reported when my vault is open in a browser, Bitwarden does rather strangely still encourage me to upgrade. I can’t post more than one image, because I’m a new member here.

The Chrome extension and the Windows client, however, cosmetically don’t even recognise that I have Premium status:

Although, as in your case, all paid features work as expected in all clients.

This isn’t a big issue, but given that it appears to have existed for at least 8 months already, it would be good if someone acknowledged it.

Log out and then log back in. Repeat on all devices you are currently logged in. You can also go to -> Settings -> My Account scroll down to the Danger Zone and click Deauthorize Sessions. Read and understand the text, then confirm. As the text mentions this may take up to one hour.

Thanks for the reply.

In the meantime, I dropped Support a line and they confirmed this as a known bug.