Max collections + max users in one organization [selfhosted limits]

Hello everyone!
I’m wondering how many people the maximum can be in my organization, as well as how many collections the maximum can be in the same organization + the maximum number of GB for this organization, which I host on my server?
This is a question before buying a license, + infrastructure issue

I need one organization, and through the API I could create about 3 collections and 3 groups for each pack of passwords, this is necessary in order to provide each employee with access only to a specific pack of passwords with certain rights taken from the group

We are a company that on duty keeps the passwords of its customers, and we need to separate different sets of passwords from each other so that an employee of the 1st line of technical support has access, for example, only to 1 group and, accordingly, to 1 collection, etc.

for each of our clients we create several groups and collections as I said earlier

I am not a provider for bitwarden, since this method does not suit me (we do not provide online services like you)

Hello sergey - welcome!

Check out this page for the features of different organization types - it sounds like you will be most interested in a Teams or Enterprise Organization, which allow you to scale up to whatever number of users and collections you require (no limits):

Regarding storage limitations, if you are self-hosting then that will depend on the storage available with your infrastructure. If you want estimates of typical storage consumption based on the number of users in your organization, you might want to reach out to the Bitwarden team to see if they can provide some estimates: