Material Design Android app

Using material design guidelines for the Android app, would allow for a smoother UI and consistent UX for android users.

Would like a more consistent approach. Material design + button for instance just opens modal box rather than secondary menu so its more a half implementation.

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If you had to point out, what’s outside of material design on current android app? I had seen so many redesigns, even few google apps are going away from hamburger menu :broken_heart:. I’m not sure what is and what is not material design anymore.

I had a look, here’s what I found in an express 2 mins check:

  • FAB has wrong behaviour, should expand to a list, not open a mini-popup in the middle of the screen
  • search icon looks a bit odd on the left of search field? But material design allows that.
  • There’s back ‘arrow’ at the top of the folder, but not when you view the item, so only way ‘back’ from item details is android’s ‘back’ button. I’m not even sure what material design thinks about this one.
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I agree with you guys. And it was commented back on GitHub last year.

I guess Kyle isn’t giving up on Xamarin for now. (Only a few changes and adaptations, maybe.)
Check the discussion here: