Master password reset issue

I just tried to reset my master password in my web vault. When I hit the change button it told me an error occurred, and now neither my current master password (which I know is correct because I logged into the web vault), nor the password I tried to change to, will work for logging in.

I was not logged out of the web-vault session when I tried to change the password, so I don’t think the issue is as simple as the password was changed and I’m just an idiot.

Browser: Brave
OS: Ubuntu 20.04

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Hi @Sam_F - welcome to the forums, and I am sorry to hear about the issues you are having with your master password.

When you changed your master password, did you by chance enable the option to also rotate your account’s encryption key? If so, did you logout of all your other devices before making the changes? See more details here, especially the parts about potential data corruption:

No, I didn’t rotate the encryption key, at least I’m pretty sure I didn’t :sweat_smile: I just decided to reset my account since I was still logged in on my desktop and was able to backup manually. But thank you for your reply.

Glad to hear you were able to make a backup! Was it encrypted or unencrypted? If it was unencrypted, you should be able to delete your old account and start from scratch, unless you had any file attachments that you needed to recover.