Master password reprompt not working

I have several banking and similar sites set to always ask for master password reprompt… I type it in on the browser popup and click OK, but it does not proceed further.

My only solution is to open my vault in another tab, search for and select the website, and copy/paste the username and password

This used to work flawlessly.

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I forgot to mention, I’m using Windows 11 on a PC and this bug is in both Edge and Chrome

I have exactly the same behavior here in Chrome.

  1. Popup show up for “always ask for master password”.
  2. I type the password.
  3. Neither clicking OK nor Enter proceeds further.
  4. The item remains locked!

Windows 11. Google Chrome.

Hi @Techauthor, @Thorin and welcome to the community :tada:

This is a known issue that is being tracked with #6153. A fix has been provided, and it will be rolled out with the 2023.9-release, which is currently targeted to start rolling out at the end of this week.

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I just went to my banking site and was shocked to find that Bitwarden auto-filled my credentials. That entry was set to require master password reprompt. I see that my Windows Chrome extension updated to version 2023.9.1. However, the option to require reprompt has now been removed. Surely this a bug and removing the feature is not the intended fix?

I’m quite certain of what I experienced and observed. The setting was gone for my personal account and organization. I could click through all the records that I have configured to require re-prompt and it would both auto-fill them and allow my to edit without a re-prompt.

That said, the option once again appears in the UI. During the course of investigating the issue, I logged into the Web Vault and also fully logged out/in of the Chrome extension. One of these may well have cleared the transient issue. My guess is others would experience this as well if the software update happens while logged in, though it may go unnoticed depending on their usage.

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