Master Password Reprompt is missing

I have noticed that the ‘Master Password Reprompt’ option is completely missing from my Firefox extension and the Windows desktop app as well.

All items (Mostly bank and cards) that have been enabled with this option previously can now be easily viewed without re-entering the master password again.
When editing the item, the option is missing as well.

The following are my app versions:
Firefox Extension: 2024.3.1
Windows app: 2024.4.1

I’m not sure anyone else noticed this option went missing as well and hopefully Bitwarden restores this function as soon as possible as banking details contain critical info and should always be protected with an additional layer of security.

I’m unable to reproduce on Firefox 124.0.1 with Bitwarden extension 2024.3.1.*

Try uninstalling your browser extension and reinstalling it.

*Update: Still unable to reproduce this issue in extension version 2024.4.1 on Firefox version 125.0.1 (Windows 11 version 23H2 Build 22631.3447).

Hi @alvint, welcome to community! :wave:

Does your organization use single sign-on for Bitwarden? For example, logging in through your Google Workspace or Microsoft 365 as your method to get access to your vault? If so, it’s possible that they have enabled SSO with Trusted Devices, which removes this function. You can learn more about how Bitwarden encrypts your data when using Trusted Devices here: About Trusted Devices | Bitwarden Help Center

Hi SJ,

Nope, I’m using a personal Bitwarden account. I do not have SSO enabled as I’m using the traditional email+password to login.

The weird thing is, it still works normally on my phone app - the Master Password reprompt option is available and the items that have this option enabled works as expected when you want to view the hidden details in the item.

Having this same issue, master password re-prompt works fine on the web vault and windows app, but doesn’t work for the firefox extension. This means I can get things like card details without requiring the re-prompt.

Firefox Extension: 2024.4.1
Windows app: 2024.4.1

Also having this issue. This seems like a security vulnerability!!

Firefox version: 126.0 (64-bit)
Extension version: 2024.4.1

@alvint @Jademalo @John_Klay et al.

There is a corresponding GitHub bug report, where you can add your feedback as well: Master password reprompt missing (browser extension, web vault and desktop app) · Issue #9202 · bitwarden/clients · GitHub