Master password only works for the account - not in the browser extension

Good evening
I am a complete newcomer and have a problem right away.
I can log into my account with my master password without any problems. But not with the desktop app or the browser extension.
I have activated 2-factor authorisation for the account.

Are there any differences in the passwords?

Thanks for your help

Hello, and welcome to the community!

When you use the web vault, i.e. Bitwarden Web Vault , what server (typically in blue at the 3rd line from the bottom) do you see? You should pick the same server on the extension & app.

If that doesn’t work, can you give more details:

  1. Your OS and version
  2. Your Bitwarden app version
  3. Your Bitwarden extension version & browser

@Keilhaus welcome to the forum!

To provide some visual aids for the instructions from @Neuron5569, when you log in to your “account” on the Web app, you should see something like this at the very bottom of the first page (email address input) of the login form:


Make a note of whether the value shown after “Server” is or

Next, on the first page (email address input) of the login form for the desktop app, you should see something like the following:


Where it says “Logging in on” (below the email address input field), the server domain must match the domain where your account is registered (the one that you see when you log in to your account on the Web app). If it doesn’t, then just click on the “V” arrow to the right of the server name, and select the correct server domain from the list:


The process is the same on the browser extension.


I’m not at home at the moment. But thank you for your willingness to help :slight_smile:
I’ll get back to you tomorrow or the next day with answers.
Thank you!