Master Password not updating until opening the app

Bit of an odd one and maybe it is usual behaviour but…

I changed my Master Password on the website and all went through fine and was able to login to the browser extension with it.

Later, on my android device I was trying to log into an app with auto fill and it kept telling me my master password was wrong. I entered the old one and that one worked.

Opening the android bitwarden app timed out/reset the session and I logged into that using my new master password.

Logging into the vault for the password I needed via the autofill on the app I was using now also requires the new master password like it should do.

Is this a bug or intended? If it’s intended I’ll have to try and make sure to load the bitwarden app after changing master password in the future to make sure it has updated.

See Your Master Password | Bitwarden Help & Support

Other logged-in client applications (Mobile Apps, Browser Extensions, etc.) may remain active for up to an hour, however they will eventually also require you to log back in with your new Master Password.

On the few occasions I have changed this I have logged all other instances out first, then changed it. When I started up other instances I entered the new one and everything was fine.

Sorry I should have mentioned that I’d seen that bit in the FAQ. I was pretty sure it was longer than an hour.

Also the way the session expired message happened the second I opened the actual BitWarden app implies that it had already changed there but it hadn’t updated it for the unlocking of the vault via autofill in the app I was logging into.

Maybe the updating took longer than usual.

Was just a bit odd that when I pressed the button to autofill my password on the app that I was logging into it asked me for my master password to unlock the vault to retrieve my password as per usual and I had to enter my old master password cos it said the new one was wrong (which it wasn’t cos seconds after that I logged into the bitwarden app itself using it and then the vault unlock also required it).