Master password lost but IOS is ok

I need to re-enter my master pw via the web, but I don’t know it anymore. Even the hint isn’t helpfull.
But I am able to access all data via the Bitwarden app on my IOS device (because I use fingerprint).
But it seems that I can’t reset the Master Password on my IOS?
And I can’t show or find the MP on IOS?
Any ideas on how I can recover the Master Password ??
Thx !


Hi @Jodp - welcome to the forums, and I am sorry to hear about your password issue.

Unfortunately, your master password is needed to change to a new password, which is deliberate and for security reasons. Hopefully, you followed the advice of Bitwarden when you setup your account and stored the password someplace or you setup emergency access to your account. See more details here: