Master password login stay active

Is it possible for the master login to be activated once for let’s say 15 minutes, so that if I am on my iPad and go site to site within a specific period of time so that I don’t have to constantly enter my master password.
After a pre determined period of time it will lock.

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The vault time-out setting is specific to the device. I don’t see a way to set it site to site. You can set it in settings → vault timeout for your device though.

But then let’s say I go to Amazon and put in my master password, then I decide to go to eBay, AGAIN I have to put in my master password.

Tedious at best

That’s not how mine behaves. Check you settings. Possibly you have set it to lock when you close the browser?

What client are you using. Once I open the vault, it stays open for the duration no matter which site I go to. That is not the behavior I am seeing.

I am using safari on my iPad.
What should the settings be ?

Using safari on my iPad

OK, I don’t have IOS device to test this with, but on my android device, I don’t have to relogon each time you go to a different app. I am using Android 11 with auto-fill inline api framework.

In the Web Vault you should see them under Settings | Options

In a browser extension there is a gearwheel icon in the bottom right of the window (on mine at least), which takes you to these settings.

And what should the setting be ?

What the settings should be depends on how you want to use it. Experiment, read the documentation.

On browser restart is good for some circumstances. On system lock is good for others, or a time. Never is not advised in most circumstances. Logo out is the best for many, but Lock works in some circumstances.

I have different settings on different devices, as I use them in different ways.

What is you current setting as a starting point.

Hey - can I confirm here that you have to use either the master password, touch ID, face ID or PIN number every single time for iPhone (depending on what your phone can do and which settings you have enable).
There is no way to get around needing to enter something every time you log in to a wesbite on an iPhone? is that right?
I have tried every combination of those settings on my iPhone and no matter what I do I always need to enter something to be able to autofill. Which is not like the behaviour on my PC.

I am seeing this same issue. My phone is 14.7.1 running bitwarden 2.11.1. I have the safe configured to lock after 5 minutes in the app which works as expected. However, every time I want to use either the browser extension or the keyboard autofill I have to authenticate, even if I never leave the page or browser. I’ve observed this in Safari and Edge browsers.

I read a thread about a similar issue in on ios on macs, perhaps a similar fix can be applied here.