Master Password issue

I use bitwarden on my computer, the master password won’t work after a while. I have uninstalled it once. After installed it the second time, I did make sure the master password work, however, couple of weeks later, today the master password won’t again. Anyone has this experience and how you solve it?

Hello @Will_Y - welcome to the community forums. And sorry to hear about the issue you have encountered.

Can you describe the problem in more detail? Do you receive an error message when you are unable to login, and if so, what is it exactly?

Hi David, the error says “user name or password is incorrect”. The user name is saved and pops up automatically when I open the app. I wrote the password down. When I initially created it, I tried couple of times and it worked. But now it does not work.

If you are using an international character set/keyboard, that could be the culprit. Bitwarden checks the characters that are passed to it, not the keys that are pressed on the keyboard, so I would check for any accented characters, curly quotation marks, etc.

Also make sure that your email is also entered perfectly, or else that can generate the same error. Let us know how you make out.

No disrespect, but computers tend to be more repeatable than people.

If you don’t already, maybe try clicking the eye so the characters are displayed as you type. That can possibly reveal something you overlooked (Personally I have been tripped up by the caps lock key more times than I want to admit)