Master password is cleared when submitting incorrect password

I 100% agree with @Crocmagnon on this. I actually came here to submit a bug report and saw the topic has already been covered a few times.

I always make the same type-o so I find it frustrating that the log-in password text box clears the first time an incorrect Master Password is input. Since mine is very long, it’s a pain to retype the whole thing. I find it much simpler to un-hide the characters and fix the one wrong letter/number/symbol.

Please change this! Thank you.

That is not my experience using 2024.6.2. on Windows 11 and Edge. Which client are you using and on what OS?

@Hi-Im-Marc-BW I moved your comment into its own thread, because what you were asking for (the password field not to be cleared) is essentially the opposite of the proposal in the feature request thread where you had posted.

As @DenBesten already pointed out, the behavior that you are experiencing is not expected, and may be indicative of a bug or a faulty installation.

In which Bitwarden app (or extension) do you observe this password-clearing behavior? What is your operating system? Please also give version numbers for the app/extension/OS.

This happens on Bitwarden (2024.6.0 7846) for iOS (17.5.1) and has for some time now. As you both stated, the broweser extension (Firefox & Chrome) function normally.

@DenBesten @grb thank you